Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Writing as Voice

Writing has the ability to give voice to thoughts that might not otherwise be heard.  Words and language should be seen as powerful tools, tools that have the power to influence people’s actions.  Words have a great affect on my thinking and emotions.  Sometimes other people’s words have the ability to affect me even more than their actions.

Writing helps us better understand our own thoughts.  By attempting at putting our thoughts on paper, we are able to get a window into the mess of our own brains and thought processes.  Through conversation with others, through the exchange of ideas and words, we are better able to understand ourselves and our ideas.  Half of our identities consist of how others perceive us, thus, conversation and relationships with others are vital to understanding ourselves.  Talking about writing can often give birth to new ideas as well as new ways of expressing these ideas.

I often hate sharing my writing with other people, especially with people who are closest to me.  Maybe it’s because my writing, is a window into how I think and perceive the world.  But sharing my writing with others is something I know I need to do because writing is something that should be shared and talked about.  Without conversation, I will not become a better writer.  It’s not fair that I should enjoy other people’s words and language everyday without giving back. 


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