Monday, September 26, 2011

A Blog About Blogging!

The Daunting Face of THE BLOG
One day, a couple of days ago, Carrie Brecke asked me to start writing for the blog and I asked, “What blog should I start with?”

And she said, “You can start with writing a blog about blogging.”

Immediately intrigued by the meta possibilities of such blogging, I racked my head for days, until today, and I kept asking myself, “How does one write a blog about blogging?” Which the answer came to me, deep in the darkest depths of the night.

You can’t, really.

But you can give suggestions, and that is what I am going to do here, give five suggestions on how to make your blog blogariphic, blogtastic, instead of a blogtastrope (all names copyrighted, Timothy Moore, 2011)!


1. Who are YOU?

When I read a blog, I want to know who is writing the blog. That means: personality. That does not mean that I need to know the blogger’s entire backstory, but if they are funny, I’d like to see it in their blog. If they are serious, blog me something serious. Just show me something from you. Goodness! It’s not like an essay, where you must use proper form and lingo, no - you can use slang, you dummy! Write how you talk (as long as we can read and understand what you are saying, you Blogosaur).

2. Shorten Your Blog!

A blog should never be too long because then the person reading your blog will not want to read it. Internet attention spans are much shorter. If you find that your blog is too long, it is because you are not writing a blog, it is because you are writing an essay. There is a difference in length. There is a difference in content. Essays must have many points. Blogs can suffice with one point, will thrive on one point. If you find that your blog is blogging and blogging - then you should just stop that blog and make it many different blogs, like a series of blogs on that one subject. You dig?

3. Put Some Pictures in it, Peeps!

Aw! Cute Dog! What's it have to do with blogging? NOTHING! But it got your attention, didn't it!?

Pictures will liven up your blog and attract viewing eyes! If you want views, put in some pictures! Also, breaking up the blog with some pics will make it seem more manageable and less daunting to read!

Obama! Am I right?

4. If It is Hard for YOU to Write, It will be Hard for US to Read!

Do not write about something that does not interest you! It will be clear from reading that is listless and boring! This is the case for all writing, really. But it’s such an important fact that it should be repeated here. If you are tasked to write something you are not interested in, find something within it that will make you interested! Trust me, there’s always something. There is hope. There is love.

5. Don’t be Mean!

If you are mean or say hateful things, it will come back to you. If you blog those mean or hateful things, they will not just come back to you, they will stay with you FOREVER. They will hound you. They will haunt you in the (darkest depths of the) night! Don’t write anything that you don’t want anyone to know about. Don’t start flame wars. Don’t bash people or races. Or car races. Future employers will Google you. Future grandchildren will Google you in their hover I-Pads. Blog responsibly.

And those are the suggestions! Have a blog day!!

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