Thursday, October 11, 2012

Writing Center in the Parent Newsletter!

This interview will appear in the next Roosevelt Parent Newsletter!

The Writing Center provides one-on-one peer tutoring to all writers in the university community. The following is a discussion between two tutors at the Roosevelt Writing Center. Eleanor Peck is a senior who has worked in the center for two years and is majoring in Political Science. Mooni Abdus-Salam is also in her fourth year and this her first semester working at the writing center. She is an English major and Hispanic Studies minor.

Eleanor: Hello Parents! I love working at the writing center because it is great to help students learn how to revise their papers and find their voice within their writing. What’s your favorite part of working here Mooni?

Mooni: My favorite part is finding out what classes are about through the things that students write. Last week a student came in who was getting her Master’s in Public Administration and she had to write an annotated bibliography which was the precursor to a huge paper she had to write. It was interesting to learn what the teacher expected in graduate level courses and how to cite in a different format. I like working here because I learn as I tutor.

Eleanor: I agree. I love reading papers from classes I never would have taken, but still find interesting. What I also enjoy about working here is the writing community. I have started to enjoy writing more from working here, because I am surrounded by people who love to write.

Mooni: Me too! However, I do wish one thing was different. I wish more students realized the writing center isn't just for people who are struggling, but it is for anyone.

Eleanor: Exactly. Students don’t realize that we tutors get help with our writing all the time. I have learned to accept that revising is part of the writing process.

Mooni: I also think it is great that we outreach at the writing center. We have two Outreach Programs this year. Tutors and students in certain classes are helping students outside of Roosevelt at both Morrill Elementary School and Jumpstart in the Juvenile Probation Center.

Eleanor: Awesome. I hope this conversation has helped parents learn more about the writing center. We are here to help five days a week during the school year, and we also have online tutoring that is available in the evenings and on the weekends.


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