Thursday, September 17, 2015

Bad thoughts

There’s not a wrong thought in the Writing Center.  You may disagree.  You may only want people to see things your way.  Let’s be honest; we all want that.  But the fact is that not everyone is going to agree all the time, even at a “social justice institution.”  A feminist, an anarchist, and libertarian walk into a bar.  They wonder why they start fighting.  “We all want equality,” says the feminist.  “Equality as law is reprehensible, and I won’t have it,” says the anarchist.  “You can both have whatever you want,” says the libertarian, “but as for me, I’m going to have another drink.”  We’ve all heard this one before (or not), and we know it won’t end well.  

In our lack of agreement, we begin to realize that the other side helps us either to see more clearly the flaws in our convictions, or else to strengthen our initial beliefs.  Not many people are afraid of sharing ideas (at least I hope not), but I think some people are afraid of being “corrected” by the powers that be.  Honestly, though, we’re not powers, we’re students.  Hopefully we’re diligent and thoughtful students, but we don’t have the right or intent to down-vote your opinions.  From a purely selfish standpoint, we want to be inspired, provoked, and intellectually challenged.  Rather more altruistically, we want you to be able to express what you’re believing in the STRONGEST WAY POSSIBLE.  There’s nothing worse than a good idea imprecisely expressed, or we’ll be like:

Remember: Keeping an audience is just as important as gaining one!

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