Thursday, October 8, 2015

A Cataclysmic Revelation! (We're moving to Tumblr)

No, you eyes do not deceive you, dear readers.  We are forsaking these lands in favor of Roosevelt-greener pastures.  Now, for a hopefully-not-limited time, insightful and interesting blog posts will Tumbl this way and that as we try to not only revolutionize the format and content of the Roosevelt Writing Center Blog, but also to improve our frequency and quality of posts.  To that end, it's off to Tumblr!

Don't forget, though, the Halloween Flash Fiction writing contest has not changed, and submissions are still due by October 28 at 4 PM.  We will be partying, no doubt drinking from Tumblrs, on the following day (October 29, for the calendrically uninterested).

Thank you all for your dedicated, Google-based readership!  It's been a great sojourn here, but it's time to change things up a bit!

--Peter and the Blogcrafters


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